Bryony Sanderson | Women in Search

Bryony means business, literally. She keeps breaking the SEO mold as a Performance Activation Business Director at MEC and received record breaking six promotions in five years. Let’s give her another half a decade and see what she’s truly capable of.

Bryony Sanderson may have only entered the search world in 2010 from a language background but she has proven to be a whole hearted SEO chick garnering no less than six promotions in five years at MEC – a true testament to her skills and knowledge in SEO. Having started as Search Assistant, she now holds the title of Performance Activation Business Director.

Five years might not seem like a veteran age in SEO but Bryony is here to stay and dare we say – a new forward thinking breed of women in search.

Bryony is a hardworking woman in search, having climbed up six ranks in five years, currently holding the title of Performance Activation Business Director. MEC Rising Talent Programme 2012.