Judith Lewis | Women in Search

Judith is passionate about changing the perception of SEO from being smoke and mirrors and snake oil salesmen to a skilled profession which, while there may be bad apples in it, is at the forefront of digital marketing and essential for success. She is one of the most passionate, friendliest and hardworking search professionals around.

Judith Lewis, a Digital Marketing Specialist with 19 years of experience, started her career in SEO, SMO and PPC with a Specialized Honours BA degree in Psychology from York University in Toronto. She wrote her thesis on “Social Interactions on Live Online Systems” in 1994 making her one of the earliest examinations of social media published by a university. After exploring and testing online algorithms, she went on to work for Centaur for mad.co.uk while working on NMA, Design Week and Creative Review. During this time she discovered over optimisation penalties and other edge pushing algorithm quirks. Moving on from Centaur to i-level, she continued to push boundaries in search while also helping to guide a team of talented individuals. Ever since leaving i-level, she runs a consultancy, works part time at Beyond and has worked with the likes of B2B giants as Amadeus, Virgin.com, Blue Cross and others – making a difference in society as well as for her clients.

Since 2007 Judith has spoken in several conferences as well as judged every year in the UK Search Awards alongside with other EU and US search awards. She also offers bespoke training and teaches two econsultancy courses.

Working as a judge on the UK, US and EU Search Awards and helping evolve the Search Awards categorisation and guidelines to judges, and moderating at Digital Cream. Speaking in various conferences around the world and offering bespoke training. Started Mostly About Chocolate blog in 2009 and has blogged for SEO Chicks since 2007. Helping create standards for a new trade association for search marketers.