Sonia Mazzotta | Women in Search

Having built a career in SEO from nothing to something in just less than 4 years, Sonia now heads up a team of experienced SEO managers within Global University Systems. Having had to deal with all sorts of challenges within her career, Sonia could share a thing or two on how to overcome them.

Sonia Mazzotta started working in SEO in late 2011 as a link builder within a UK SEO agency (Greenlight) when links where still considered easy to deal with. After the Penguin earthquake, Sonia finally had the opportunity in 2013 to explore more in the content marketing world from within a brand. This also gave her the opportunity to get her hands dirty with technical SEO issues. In just a year, Sonia learnt how to create successful SEO campaigns which would appeal to journalists, capture the attention of bloggers, and most importantly, help consumers. In 2015 Sonia was promoted Head of SEO after a successful campaign which helped resolve reputation issues on Google for the London School of Business and Finance.

Today, Sonia heads up a team of managers who look after the SEO for various colleges around the globe.

Promoted to Head of SEO in March 2015 Promoted to Senior Content Marketing Executive in November 2013 Marketing MSc from Birkbeck College, University of London