Women in Search

June 14, 2015

Jackie is a hard worker who keeps the SEM community’s spirit alive in the search industry. She writes one of the most prominent SEO blogs and volunteers her time to provide small businesses her support. In short, she is a top notch SEO professional.

Jackie Hole is an SEM strategist, Internet Marketing consultant and Adwords trainer with over 18 years experience in digital. Jackie studied interactive media and web design at Huddersfield University in 1996 setting up her own company in 1999 and making the switch to SEO/PPC in 2004.Jackie has worked both agency and client side, and has become a well known face in the industry winning the prestigious ‘European Search Personality of the Year Award’ for “recognition of a talented and inspiring practitioner who has revolutionized the European search industry” in 2013.

She is also one of the editors at State of Search and writes internet marketing columns for local publications as well as offers business support at ‘lunch & learn’ sessions in Yorkshire and East Anglia.

An award winning SEM consultant who has been nominated against world class agencies and agency teams for her work on Autobutler, a Danish startup, looking to start in the UK. Managing Global PPC campaigns for Autobutler and many European companies.Trainer of choice for Brighton SEO and in February 2015 took over the role of track chair and Adwords Trainer for SES London – one of the most prestigious search marketing conferences in the world. UK Search Awards 2014: Shorlisted for Best PPC Campaign. EU Search Awards 2013: European Search Personality of the Year.

Google & The Drum 2014: Voted one of the Top 50 Women in Search.